In an increasingly complex economic environment, companies are looking for mechanisms that improve their competitiveness to survive and position themselves. Cost reduction and specialization in critical areas of the business are two key factors in this race for survival.

In the field of accounting, tax and labor management, the degree of outsourcing shows a growing trend in recent years.

However, the task of finding the professionals who perform the best, and at an adjusted cost, those tasks that, without being specific to the business, are essential in the operation of the company, is a complex task that must be studied carefully. The cost of not making the right choice can be high, since it can cause great inconvenience and economic losses to the company or the employer, many of them irreversible.

At MLT Abogados & Economistas, we intend to manage the accounting, tax and labor process of your company, pursuing various objectives:

  • Enable the company to focus on its main activities, achieving greater competitiveness in its business and greater efficiency in the accounting, tax and labor management process.
  • Obtain greater flexibility in the face of changes in the markets, allowing the company to react earlier and obtain competitive advantages. Our professionals are in permanent training and have the most up-to-date and timely information to make decisions.
  • Advise the company or entrepreneur in order to optimize its annual tax burden.
  • We get involved in your project, holding regular meetings, so that, together, we can make the best decisions for your business.

Some of the services included in this area are detailed below:

Accounting management

  • Accounting preparation
  • Preparation of the Annual Accounts
  • Calculation of corporate tax expense
  • Preparation of the Annual Accounts

Management and tax advice

  • Support and advice on the tax impact on accounting
  • Calculation of Corporation Tax
  • Analysis of the fiscal position
  • Preparation and presentation of the different tax obligations
  • Development of tax strategy

 Payroll Management and HR Administration

  • Calculation / Issuance of payroll
  • Social Security declarations and income on account of personal income tax
  • Payroll accounting reports
  • Issuance of employment contracts
  • Processing of Registrations and Cancellations
  • Update of the collective agreement applicable to your company