MLT Abogados y Economistas is a professional services firm that is flexible, innovative and close. Our core values are excellence and personalised client care.

Our philosophy is to build a common project with the client; our aim is to contribute to the client’s success by providing our knowledge and experience in a professional and innovative way, with ongoing high-quality advice.

We offer clients a cost-efficient, comprehensive quality solutions service in financial and legal/tax matters, using knowledge and experience acquired in professional services firms of the highest calibre.



Providing professional services poses a particular challenge due to the complexity of certain matters and the continuous legislative, economic and social changes. Those features require our professionals to be fully focussed and to apply absolute expert rigour when advising or appearing in court or elsewhere. At MLT Abogados & Economistas we commit to excellence in all the areas we cover.


At MLT Abogados & Economistas we understand that every client is unique and has different needs that may change over time. Thus, our promise is to provide clients with a service tailor-made for their requirements, giving them a personalised service and at all times upholding our standards of excellence in the most efficient way.


The flexibility and versatility of our team allows us to structure our resources according to the particular features of each case and each client, private or corporate, and to adapt to any new scenarios and needs that may arise.


At MLT Abogados & Economistas we make the effort to know our clients and to understand their specific situations and businesses. Our aim is to build long-lasting trust, advising and assisting our clients to help them successfully overcome financial crises or legal disputes, to anticipate and avoid such eventualities and, further, to optimise their structures, relationships and ways of doing business.

At the same time, we are aware that our most important asset is the professionals who comprise our firm. Therefore, at MLT Abogados & Economistas we undertake to foster the training and expertise of our lawyers, which allows us to offer our clients top-quality legal services.


We work with full dedication and a firm commitment to protect our clients’ interests, guaranteeing that all matters are overseen by a partner charged with leading the most appropriate work team. We show unwavering loyalty to our clients, and our professionals are likewise recognised for their faithful and ethical conduct before courts and other bodies, as well as in their relationships with other professionals.


Thanks to our professionals’ considerable experience in legal, business and institutional matters, we are capable of offering our clients innovative and successful solutions. Furthermore, we promote investment policies to ensure that all our professionals perform their work with the most modern and efficient resources.


Immediacy is one of the characteristics that adds value to our services. These days time is a chief factor for success in the business world. It is therefore important to receive an immediate reply to your query, one that even pre-empts the facts and circumstances that may arise. Responding to your expectations and needs in the most efficient and effective way is the principal objective.